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Welcome to Start Right Centre

What we do

Parents find it difficult to accept there is hope when their children are diagnosed to have autism/asperger.

Who we are

Start right consulting is the right place to come for children who have traits of autism, attention deficit and



Owube Ngozi Helen

+234 810 211 5212

Mrs Ngozi Helen Okoli-Owube is the founder and initiator of the centre, Start Right. Which was registered in 2007.

Her passion for the job was as a result of a family member with special needs, her initial interest was to understand what the problems and challenges for her loved one.

Stephanie Okoli
Administrative Officer

Mrs Stephanie Okoli is the school’s admin, she is very dedicated and prompt to doing her job. She is swift and so professional in handling our parents, staffs and the children. She is kind and polite.

She is as old as Start Right Centre, she’s been with the centre for 13 years and counting. She is loved by all parents and she can go the extra mile for the children. She’s trained different therapists and has also been trained on the job in South Africa.

Ifeoma Okoli

She holds a PGD Education and has been with Start Right Centre since 2012. She is one of our longest servicing staff. She is friendly, passionate, agile and inquisitive which are the primary skills required for her job. She has attended several seminars to better her skill at handling children with special needs. She is in no way related to Mrs Ifeoma Okoli


Welcome to Start Right Centre!

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